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All it took was a wee tweak

I had been contemplating, in fact, working darn hard on achieving an outcome. Through listening, observation, taking guidance, and yes, a wee tweak, I finally landed my desired outcome.

You will too.

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About Bridgit

Committed to Enabling Innate Capability

Bridgit has a rare talent in multi-dimensional listening. Followed closely with a disarming capability to then play that back to her audience, in a manner that is palatable, workable and exciting. This skill is what has given rise to her being known in, some circles, as #thewhisperer #thetruthsayer.

Given her ability to connect across a broad spectrum of individuals, teams, leaders, and executives, Bridgit is sought after and recommended by people from all walks of life.

Bridgit’s blog provides you with an insight to her thinking and approach. Read on to see how others retell of their experiences working with Bridgit, or get in touch to find out more about what she has to offer.

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A Bit About You

You are someone who has and continues to invest in your own development.

You are seeking support from someone who is experienced in navigating the pathways to achieving the outcomes you craft for yourself.

You want a sounding board who won't sugar coat the feedback while supporting you to be the best you can be.

You have an upcoming presentation or a work/life challenge that is on your mind.

You might want a once off conversation, or you might want to connect more than once on a regular but flexible basis.

You want to talk to someone who is outside of your inner or immediate circle, and someone whose fees are reasonable.

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What People Say

From large organizations, teams or individual from all walks of life, Bridgit serves a diverse client-base. Regardless of the scale, the result is always the same - impactful results and lasting change. Check out her client list and reviews below.

Paul O'Donohoe

ICT Business Leader | Technology futurist | Digital and cultural change agent | Business Mentor

I worked with Bridgit on multiple occasions for a period of about 18 months when I first joined Telstra. At the time my team had a number of needs (including: establishing a new operating culture, introducing new work practices and expectations, and growing the teams professional and personal skills) to match the expectations of our most critical customer. Bridgit was recommended as the right person to help us define, plan and execute a series of workshops and engagement programs to achieve these objectives. From the first meeting I was impressed by the depth of Bridgit’s skills and experience. For every objective we tabled and every problem we raised, Bridgit was able to provide a variety of strategies, methodologies and tools for us to consider. Each was offered with the confidence and detail that only comes when drawing from past experience that has been refined and tuned through repeated use and considered reflection / evaluation. During workshops Bridgit’s true passion for people, and their growth, become obvious. I was constantly in awe of her ability, through casual and almost undetectable probing, to uncover the thoughts and emotions behind each persons perspectives and gently open doors or remove embedded blockages to enable the individual to see from a new prospect and find the relevance in the topic for themselves. This unique and very personal approach ensured each session ran smoothly, with full participation and delivered precisely against the intended objectives. Because we had done extensive preparation work before each session I could see when we risked losing moment or straying from the goal, but each time this risk emerged Bridgit subtly and patiently brought us back to plan in such a way that I’m certain each participant fully expected it was always meant to follow that path. Bridgit’s personal sense of inner balance and confidence meant that there was never any time when I felt her ego or personal agenda entered any discussion. She acted as an encouraging and generous guide through each stage of the planning and delivery process. I remember Bridgit introducing the leadership team to what she described as “multi-dimensional listening”, helping us to sense the room and adapt to the subtle shifts in group dynamics to identify where someone may need more time or stimulus to ensure full understanding and buy-in. This skill compliments her very evident understanding of good business practice and the need to arrive at tangible business driven outcomes that bring true and demonstrable customer, organisation and staff benefits. Bridgit clearly has a strong “grab bag” of skills and techniques, but the ones most evident to me during our moments of deep collaboration were: stakeholder management, customer focus, empathy, active listening, structured facilitation and personal coaching. I highly recommend Bridgit for any endeavour that leverages these strengths.

Turlough Guerin

DPIE NSW - Sustainability & Risk Executive

Bridgit has been my presentation skills coach for the past 12 months. I have learnt more about how to give effective presentations in this period than the rest of my career combined all thanks to Brigit's proficiency. If you are looking [seriously] for a highly professional coach to help you to lift your skills in this area I suggest you contact Bridgit

Natasha Skinner

Telstra - Client Partner Westpac

Bridgit is exceptional at working with teams and customers to bring Purpose to the fore, driving improved NPS (customer satisfaction) and employee engagement scores. I can highly recommend Bridgit as a business coach, facilitator and transformation lead.

Andrew Agoratsios

Telstra - Customer Success Consultant

The epitome of a leader, Bridgit always put her teams growth ahead of her own and helped guide and develop them in areas that piqued their interests or suited their skillsets. I've had the absolute pleasure of knowing Bridgit for more than a decade and at every intersection we met at, she always managed to make me feel empowered and challenged me to think differently about the current situation or problem I was handling at the time. Bridgit has an amazing way to connect and communicate with people, her ability to help people discover solutions to their problems and empower them to challenge the status quo is to be highly commended. Bridgit is an absolute superstar, leader, mentor, visionary, motivator and most importantly someone I'm honoured to call a friend also.

Michelline Abou-Yaghi

Telstra - Head of Delivery

Bridgit knows how to work with every individual at all levels and she knows how to secure a trusting relationship and a seat at every table due to her strong negotiation and influential skills. She brings fun and professional skills, then backs that with intuitive insight about how to make it better, and more impactful. She challenges the part of you that wants to hide away respectfully and working with Bridgit was a gift, she always uses her knowledge, experience to create great change and hope for every person that she comes across, which helps people drive the right purpose for themselves and others.

Claudia Williams

TAL - Talent Acquisition Manager

Bridgit is a dynamic individual with wonderful insights, who brings thought leadership into each and every interaction. Bridgit delivers great value to her stakeholders that align with company vision and values. Bridgit encourages open and robust conversations, new ideas and creativity, whilst working with and adhering to the parameters of the environment. Each occasion I have had the pleasure of working with Bridgit has been an extremely positive experience.

Brooke Galloway

Microsoft - Partner Marketing Advisor

After being invited to do my first significant presentation in years, my first point of call was to Bridgit. Bridgit is an incredible coach, supporting and challenging every aspect of my presentation preparation –audience analysis, objective, content and my delivery – until it was tight and polished. Bridgit’s generosity, professionalism and knowledge in coaching me was invaluable.

Carol White

Leading Well- Executive Coach

Bridgit is a passionate and professional coach for executive presentations and public speaking for people from all walks of life. She knows how to craft and deliver a speech or presentation that will resonate and reach the target audience and is incredibly supportive of anyone she coaches. Bridgit has proved amazing support and guidance to me in recent presentations and I highly recommend her knowledge and skill in such an important element of any executives' development.

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