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The simplicity of purpose

At my farm in Nooroo - Je T'aime (Jet) whose sole purpose is to bring joy to the lives of anyone who meets her

In a previous note I recommend Podcast Number 140 at Carolyn Taylor Walking Your Talk Podcast. It is a brief 10-minute conversation with Carolyn ending with a daily practice that could lead you to unearthing interesting answers to the question.

Along with some of you, I undertook the same task and on Thursday morning I set my purpose to be consciously kind to anyone who I came across that day.

At 1.30 on the same day, my 8 month old Poodle, Je T'aime (we call her Jet) and I went on a play date. Max, the 13 year old statesman poodle was hosting. When I arrived, Max's Mum had Max in her arms. Max was very poorly. He was experiencing an anal gland abscess which the vet could not lance - so it was a waiting game using antibiotics.

That night I texted Max's Mum offering any support she might need. I heard nothing.

Waking up on Friday morning, I immediately phoned Max's Mum, heart racing, to see how they were doing and what if any help they needed. I wasn't sure it was really my place to phone - perhaps a text would be better?

Max's Mum answered on the second ring. After I asked how they both were, she shared with me, through a cascade of tears how the night had unfolded, with the abscess finally bursting. Thankfully, despite the rough night they both had, they were both doing okay. Max's Mum then began to apologise profusely for her teary outburst.

She said...

"you are the first human I have spoken to this morning”,

“it is such a relief to tell the story and get it off my chest”,

“I cannot thank you enough for this phone call”,

“I feel I can face the day now I have let the trauma go".


One's purpose does not have to be grand.

When our purpose is human-centered and other person focused it is so extremely rewarding for all of us and gives meaning to our own lives. I can only imagine how so many of you are positively impacting other people’s lives on purpose 🙏

Until next time.

Be happy, be safe and stay well.

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